Lawn Maintenance: Tips for Properly Watering Your Yard

Things to Consider for Irrigation and Lawn Maintenance 

lawn sprinkler imageWith summer in full swing, it’s more important than ever to make sure your yard is getting watered properly. Neglecting to keep up with the irrigation of your grass can quickly dry out your yard, making your property look very unattractive and requiring even more lawn maintenance to be revived back to its previous state. Additionally, watering too much can damage your yard and lead to even more problems to deal with. In other words, it’s in any Texas resident’s best interest to be educated on the methods of good watering habits. As your go-to Dallas landscaper, Fallas Landscape has provided some of the basics when it comes to keeping up with the hydration of your grass.


Most people are likely aware that under-watering your grass can dry it out, ultimately causing it to die. On the other hand, over-watering your grass can cause your lawn to swamp, encouraging all sorts of fungi and lawn diseases to spawn throughout your yard. Too much water can also make your grass weak against hot temperatures because of shallow roots. So, as one may infer, finding a happy medium between these two extremes is the best path to take in order to maintain a healthy lawn. Fallas Landscape advises watering 2 to 3 times a week so that you are not overdoing it, but also providing your grass with the nutrients it needs. Keeping up with this irrigation schedule will keep you from doing substantial lawn maintenance down the road.


While sticking to an irrigation plan of three times of week is a suitable route to follow, it is important to ensure that you are watering your lawn for long enough to effectively reach the roots. This can be measured by doing a trial watering, in which you irrigate your lawn and routinely check the dampness of your soil every 15 minutes to see how deep the water has reached. You should keep a timer and track the time it took for 6 inches of soil to turn moist, and then use that as a guide for your future waterings. Soil can differ from yard to yard, so having an understanding of how yours works is integral in performing proper lawn maintenance.


Watering in the morning is the best for your lawn because of the cooler air and lack of wind, which will allow the water to soak into the soil. If you water your grass in the middle of the day, the sun can be too hot, causing the water to evaporate too quickly. Furthermore, watering late at night can once more promote the spread of fungi in your yard. Scheduling your irrigation at about 7 a.m. is among the most ideal times to get the job done and will prevent the need for additional lawn maintenance in the long run.


Getting the hang of a routine watering schedule can take some getting used to, but will make your yard that much more healthy. Don’t wait until it’s too late; start bettering your irrigation habits today. Contact Fallas Landscape at 972-517-5296 for more lawn maintenance advice.