Lawn Mowing: What Time of Day is the Best for Mowing?

Analyzing the Ideal Time of Day for Lawn Mowing 

Lawn mower imageEverybody has their favorite time of day to do the yard work, typically depending on what sort of circumstances are most valuable to you. Perhaps you’re a go-getter and prefer to knock out your chores early in the morning. Or maybe you like to ease into the day a bit before you accomplish anything too notable. When it comes to lawn mowing, however, there are some certain factors that actually make certain times of the day better than others to perform the task. At Fallas Landscape, we decided to take a look at what makes the ideal time to cut your grass.


As rewarding as it may be to wake up early and get a head start on your list of to-dos, mowing your yard in the morning is actually not very ideal in regard to proper lawn care. This is largely attributed to the dew that generally leaves a wet coat over your grass, making your yard extremely prone to being torn up by your mower. Additionally, lawn mowing while your blades and grass are wet can increase the spread of lawn disease in your yard. At Fallas Landscape, we advise just hitting snooze on your alarm clock and holding off on your lawn maintenance for a bit.


With the sun near its highest point, your grass has been given some time to dry, meaning that your lawn mower isn’t going to destroy your yard if you try to cut it. Fallas Landscape advises being mindful of still mowing too early though. Cutting your yard at noon can still be a bit premature as the grass can be in the process of photosynthesizing. Picking a late enough time while the sun is still out is ideal for lawn mowing, as your blades will be given time to adjust to moisture exposure again. The only unfortunate consequence of mowing during this time of day is the excessive heat that can come from the summer sun. Remember to keep a bottle of water handy, as no great yard should come at the cost of your dehydration.


For some people, lawn mowing at night is their go-to time to finish the job. The sun has set, the bugs are hiding (the ones that sting at least) and there’s an overall sense of serenity in the air … just you and the grass. This seems great and all, but nighttime mowing is less than ideal for a handful of reasons. For one, it’s dark out. This not only increases the risk for a poor lawn cut, but also your overall safety. Operating a machine with spinning blades does not seem like the greatest idea when you can’t see what’s around you. Some mowers have headlights, but Fallas Landscape still believes it’s important to emphasize the safety hazards in mowing in the dark. Additionally, mowing at night can again increase the risk of fungal diseases spreading throughout your yard. In other words, it’s probably best to leave your lawn mowing for when the sun is out. Most ideal time: Late afternoon, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.


Who knew there was so much to consider when choosing what time of day to mow? However, with this knowledge, you’ll be on your way to better care for your grass. For more information on lawn mowing, contact your Dallas landscaper, Fallas Landscape, at 972-517-5296.