Should You Use Concrete Pavers in Your Landscape Design?

Do Concrete Pavers Belong in your Landscape Design? 

Concrete pavers imageThough some forms of concrete pavers were invented by the Dutch as long ago as the second World War, concrete pavers continue to grow in popularity even today. As a landscape design idea or as a way to pave a driveway, concrete pavers can be found in most neighborhoods across the country, but does this mean they are right for your landscape design? The choice between stonework patios and concrete pavers for your landscape can be a difficult one, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the cheaper concrete option.


Concrete pavers provide a cheaper landscape design option than stonework patios and paths. They come in two forms—you can choose either closed or open pavers.Closed pavers do not have space between them. Each paver fits snugly against the other, whereas open pavers have spaces between them. Open pavers are very durable and can withstand a lot of weight because they can flex apart in a way closed pavers cannot. Though open pavers show space between each one, they are built as multiple pieces of one larger concrete structure. Both types of pavers can come in precise sizes and colors. Concrete pavers come in more uniform shapes and sizes, and they work well within a lawn that isn’t perfectly flat. You can also better dictate the texture of the concrete. The interlocking pavers form a barrier, and weeds cannot grow between them.


In patios, walkways, and other types of landscape design, pavers may not look as attractive as stonework. The unique, natural quality of stonework is unparalleled. By comparison, the uniform and factory formed pavers will not stand out. They can only compliment the rest of your lawn. Many people complain of stress fractures in the concrete, but this happens rarely when a professional like Fallas Landscape installs your pavers. Sadly, we cannot easily improve or modify your patio if you choose concrete pavers. We can easily alter or expand on a flagstone design, but concrete takes high-powered tools and more manpower to be taken out of your lawn and changed.


A new landscape design can redefine your house into the home you have always wanted. Outdoor living spaces, patios, and backyard pools turn your lawn into an oasis. Whether you decide to choose a concrete paver or stonework patio, Fallas Landscape is the team for your job. Contact us for all your landscaping needs.