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Texas is a beautiful land that has milder winters than most of America, so it allows people to have beautiful gardens all year long. When it comes to finding winter landscaping designs for the Dallas – Fort Worth area you’ll have plenty of options for what plants you want to give your home a beautiful look all year round. A good mix of the flowers listed below should give you a garden that’ll be the envy of your neighborhood. 

A staple of any flower garden would be pansies. These flowers require extremely low upkeep and will give your home a beautiful look all year long. You’ll be able to find them in a wide range of colors from bright vibrant Fallas Plano landscaping Pansieswhites, reds, yellows, golds, and oranges, to darker more soothing hues such as all ranges of purple from violet to a deep purple. Make sure you know the proper spacing for planting your pansies, so they’ll all be able to share the sun and keep all your plants happy and healthy all winter long. 

Violas are a relative of the pansies and while their flowers are a bit smaller than pansies they have more flowers per plant and their flowers come in almost every color from white to black so you’ll have no problem finding exactly the right colors for your garden. Violas handle frost and cold weather well but you’ll have to keep them watered in the summer, so they don’t dry out due to the heat. Making sure you keep the soil well fertilized will help maintain the health of these plants. 

Fallas Wylie Landscaping SnapdragonsSnapdragons are another good option if you’re looking at options for winter plants for North Texas. These beautiful and eye-catching flowers will make your garden truly pop in the winter. You’ll be able to find them in various colors. Snapdragon red’s shade from pink, peach, orange to red and the lighter colors will find just about any shade of yellow or white you can hope for. They also come in shades of violet if you’re looking for some purple flowers for your garden. Snapdragons don’t require a lot of upkeep and will generally reseed themselves even under the worst winter conditions. 

Unlike traditional cabbage and kale that’s grown for food, ornamental cabbage and kale is a great option for your winter garden. These plants only get more beautiful as the temperature lowers and revealFallas Landscape Winter Kale their true colors once the weather gets consistently below 50 degrees. The flowers that bloom from these plants can be white, pink, purple or red. They can handle the cold all the way down to 5 degrees so as long as the winter isn’t too extreme it’s very likely your ornamental cabbage and kale will be able to last the whole winter and make your garden look amazing from Thanksgiving all the way through the new year. If you do want to harvest them for food you should know that ornamental cabbage and kale is typically much more bitter than the cabbage and kale you find at the store and you should boil the plant, remove the water you boiled it in, and boil it a second time to help reduce the bitterness and allow yourself to enjoy a plant that’s both beautiful to look at and healthy to eat. 

Winter Honeysuckles are a plant that will show off it’s quality in the winter months. For most of the year this plant will appear to be just your typical bush that blends in with all the rest of the plants in your yard, but come the holiday season it’ll blossom with beautiful and fragrant white flowers that will truly give a whole new meaning to the term “White Christmas” and you’ll want to be sure to plant them in areas that’ll you’ll be walking by or hanging out near so you don’t miss out on the sweet smell of the flowers. 

Fallas Landscape Dallas PetuniaPetunias are a good flower for the North Texas winter. You can find them typically in violet or pink but if you’re looking for slightly rarer petunias, you’ll be able to find white, yellow and multi-color options. They are a solid option for the mild Texas winters and are a beautiful year-round flower for your garden. The only concern is that frost or freezing can damage them so be prepared to protect them should the weather turn colder than normal. 

Sweet Alyssum is a plant that can handle all climates and is a great neutral base for your garden. The small white flowers of this plant (and that of the winter honeysuckle) will give you the ability to have a base for your other plants to contrast from and really be able to show off their beauty. Sweet Alyssum grows in small clusters and tends to look a lot like other small bush types of plants. It is known for being a tougher, easier to maintain plant than most other year-round flowers.



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