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When the leaves fall, they are so pretty but the task of raking has to begin.  For some, this is because they love a perfectly manicured lawn.  Getting that last leaf swept up is like a hunt for their prey.  However, for Fallas landscape Fall Leavesothers, this may be something that is well, not enjoyable, and really, what is the point.  There is actually a reason, other than for looks that you should rake your leaves.  If you like your grass, for example, you need to that thick layer of leaves off from it.  And, well, having a thick layer of leaves can become the home of many rodents, which will find their way into your home and cause all kinds of havoc.

Raking the leaves will get them up and off your lawn without damaging any of the grass.  Care should be used to ensure that you are using the proper rake as well. A plastic rake is perfect, or a lightweight metal rake, but not a lake rake.  This is a rake with only a few tines but is rather thick and aggressive.  It is used to take weeds from the lake and shouldn’t be used on the lawn.

Improve the health of your lawn by raking leaves

The health of your grass depends on you getting the leaves off from it.   The leaves block out the sunshine, water, and nutrients that the grass needs for survival, even in winter months.  Your lawn needs to breathe as well, which is another reason to get those leaves raked up.  Leaving them lying around will invite the pests and also diseases to your lawn as well.

There are other methods of leaf removal such as hitting the lawn with a mulching mower.  This mower option will grind up the leaves and deposit them over the lawn in small pieces.  This is great for those that only have a few leaves and have little trees.  However, if your lawn is a yard that is full of mature, beautiful trees, then you probably cannot get away with this method.  And, this method should not be used every year, as some lawns cannot use up the thatched leaves from the year prior.  Be sure you are not suffocating your lawn using this method.  You want to have some space for the new grass blades to emerge and continue to fill in the lawn to have a nice thick lawn for years to come.

Thick leaves can only be raked

Some people like to use a leave blower. This is another very common method, however, again, if it is too wet or heavy, it won’t work.  Instead of blowing the leaves off of the lawn you will be just blowing them dry.  This can lead to frustration which is why raking is the preferred method when there is a thick layer of leaves to move. Fallas Landscape Leaves

When raking leaves, you need to have a destination to pile them up.  Some communities offer a service where they will come curbside and pick up the leaves.  Others will have to burn them or pile them into a wooded area.  This area may be further away than one would like to rake to.  In this case, a nice tarp can save your back.  Rack all the leaves onto a tarp and move the pile to the designated area.

We are here for you if you would like our help with dealing leaves or any lawn care needs.

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