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Some people like to have succulents incorporated into their patio designs. Succulents are trendy and, for the most part, easy to care for.  We thought it might help to offer some tips on how to grow succulent plants properly. 

1. Plant succulents in a sunny window to help them survive.

growing succulents FallasSucculents are plants that require very little water or attention. However, succulents need light to grow and live. Placing them in a sunny window can help make them thrive. Or, when putting them in pots on your porch, be sure that it is in a sunny area and not shaded.

2. Use cacti soil when planting your succulents.

Cacti soil is rich in nutrients and minerals, which means your succulents will flourish. It also contains porous materials that allow water to reach the roots. In addition, these soils are lightweight and will not create a mess on your windowsill!

3. Water your plants with a spray bottle regularly

Water your plants with a spray bottle regularly. This is not only easy but also helps keep the plants moist for longer periods of time. It also helps you not to overwater them.

4. Clean the succulent pots and change the soil every three months or if it becomes too dry.

You should clean succulent pots and change the soil every three months or if it becomes too dry.

Potting a succulent is a common project for many beginners. However, one of the most difficult parts of potting is knowing when to water. A succulent that is left too dry will wither and die, whereas one that has been overwatered can turn into mushy, horrible-looking plants.

Succulents are one of the most popular houseplants around. They’re easy to take care of and don’t require a lot of attention. However, succulents need water to survive, and it’s important to know when they need it. The best way to tell if your succulent needs water is by feeling them – if they are soft, they need water. If they’re firm, then hold off.

5. Put rocks in the bottom of the succulent’s pot to create drainage and to help it stay moist for longer periods of time

small potted succulents Fallas LandscapeRocks in the bottom of a succulent pot help the succulent to stay moist and drain excess water.

The best rocks for this are partially damp sandstone, which can be found at your local hardware store. You can also use small stones from your yard or garden.

6. Choose Your Succulent Wisely and Shop Smart or Ask the Experts

Before you purchase a succulent, make sure that the plant is well-suited for your home. Succulents grow best when they get bright, indirect sunlight and low humidity levels. They also prefer to be watered only about once or twice a week.

7. Find the Right Environment & Care for Your Succulent Correctly

Succulents are popular houseplants that can add a lot of color and life to any home or patio. The key to keeping these plants healthy is finding the right environment for them and giving them the correct amount of care.

8. Give Your Succulents the Food They Need for Healthy Growth

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for, but they need a special diet. Unlike a typical houseplant, succulents come from a different type of ecosystem with arid climates and harsh sunlight. Succulents require more water than typical plants but also need more food in the form of fertilizer. You will need to purchase succulent fertilizer to meet their needs.

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