Fallas Landscape spring flowersSpring is when everything blossoms to life. It would be best if you were ready when your lawn starts sprouting after winter. The grass, flowers, or shrubs in your yard reveals a lot about you as a homeowner. Therefore, caring for your property is an important activity for your landscape design and appearance.

Outside Living

There are many types of grass, plants, and flower you can incorporate into your property. Outside spaces are becoming a trendy topic for many home and gardening blogs. The outdoor kitchens, fences, outdoor living spaces requires careful maintenance to remain classy and functional.

Different maintenance processes work for different lawn plants and grass. You should hire a professional landscape to help you take care of your lawn all year round. When spring arrives, the first thing you can do is weed out unwanted plants. Another activity is applying fertilizers to promote healthy growth for your lawn.


There are many types of fertilizers in the market that accommodate different grass, flowers, or shrubs. The trick is knowing the best one to apply to your plants. Asking your landscaper can save you a lot of time from the trial and error method. All plants benefit from macro and micronutrients, but the amounts vary from plant to plant.

The primary nutrients that plants need include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is good to do a soil test to determine what nutrient your lawn needs the most. Grass fertilizers come with different nutrients ratios, so it is crucial to get the right mix for your yard. Here is how macronutrients improve your plants.

  • Nitrogen(N)- helps with chlorophyll production, the chemical responsible for photosynthesis. It also promotes foliar growth and the plant’s color. This nutrient gets consumed in high volumes.
  • Phosphorous(P)- helps your plants develop healthy roots, flowers, and stems. Also, it causes early establishment. Low volumes work best.
  • Potassium(K)- enhances the plants’ ability to utilize nitrogen and makes them drought and disease-resistant.

Best Fertilizers to Use

The fertilizers always come in different ratios (N.P.K- 10-10-10), indicating a balanced amount. Depending on the plants you have on your lawn, the fertilizer should complement the plants’ needs. Below is a list of the best types of plant fertilizer to use on your property.

Scotts Green Max Fertilizer

Spring lawn care Fallas LandscapeThis grass fertilizer makes your grass grow quickly and easily. Your grass becomes greener within three days of application. The fertilizer also promotes thicker and stronger grass for your lawn because of the iron micronutrient in the fertilizer. Lastly, this fertilizer discourages weeds, and you only apply it every six to eight weeks.

Milorganite 0636 Fertilizer

Milorganite 0636 is an organic fertilizer that excludes phosphorous in its composition. It is an excellent flower fertilizer and grass fertilizer because it contains nitrogen and microbes that promote growth, giving your lawn plants a natural luster. It’s safe to use if you have pets or kids who regularly play in the yard. The fertilizers odor keeps away pests such as rabbits. However, the smell can be unpleasant to the homeowners.

Miracle-Gro Lawn Food

The fertilizer is popular for the easy-to-use properties and long-lasting positive effects on the plants. It contains the right micronutrients for healthy shrubs in your yard. The dispenser that accompanies the lawn food makes even application easy. Also, it is very cost-effective and user-friendly. Always remember to read the instructions not to overapply to the plant since it may cause them harm.

Safe Brand 9333 Ringer

This fertilizer is known for its unique character of being phosphorous-free. Therefore it is an organic plant fertilizer that works well in gardening. It contains plant-based nutrients that ensure your plants are healthy and strong. The time-release factors allow your plants to absorb the nutrients over a few months. Slow-release fertilizers prevent burning the lawn and help busy homeowners maintain a healthy-looking lawn.

Scotts Turf Builder

It is another phosphorous-free grass and flower fertilizer that requires little effort to use. Busy homeowners may have limited time to monitor their lawn or water it constantly. Scotts Turf Builder helps the grass to be drought resistant, saving on time and water bills. Different types of grass respond beautifully to this type of fertilizer.

Best Types of Fertilizers

Fertilizers come in different states, liquid or granules, that may be inorganic or organic. It is best to know which type of fertilizer works best for your plant needs. Granule fertilizers are mostly slow-release great for busy people. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers introduce the nutrients using a hose quickly and effectively to the plant roots. Granular fertilizers are popular because of their ease of application.

Organic fertilizers are better for the environment, unlike inorganic ones. The phosphorous macronutrient is harmful to the soil despite it promoting healthy roots and stems in plants. For people with babies and pets, organic fertilizers are better. Some state regulations ban or limit the use of fertilizers with the phosphate compound.

Other Elements

The application of fertilizers is not the only way to maintain the natural healthy look in your lawn. You can combine other ways with your plant fertilizers to achieve the desired look for healthy plants and beautiful property. Pre-emergent weed control, soil aeration, irrigation, and lime application should go hand-in-hand with fertilizers for healthy soil and plants. For hands-on homeowners, top dress your lawn with compost for better results.

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