Spring Lawn Care is important for your lawn’s growth and health.  We would like to go over some things that you can do to help with your lawn’s health by taking action in the spring.


Springtime raking can really get to the roots of the plants and pull up any loose debris that could be stuck.  This debris can add to your lawn thatch, making it quite thick and smothering out new growth.  By taking a springtime rake, you are loosening the soil up as well which stimulates plant growth.  This also allows for dethatching which is another great thing to do for your lawn in the springtime.  Dethatching is removing all dead and old decaying plant material that has built up near the roots of the plant.  This will allow your new grass to get better air, water, nutrients and fertilizer to the roots. Fallas Landscape Spring Lawn Care


The amount of aeration you will need to do to your lawn will depend on what your soil type is and what type of grass you have growing on your lawn.  Aeration is putting small holes in the lawn to allow for better airflow.  This should be done in the spring or early summer for warm-season grasses.  However, the fall is more appropriate for cooler season grasses.


Weeds can really take over by mid-summer.  So, applying weed killers in early spring can stop some of those seeds from germinating and becoming beast plants that you must tend to.  If you are not sure about what type of weed killer to get, read the instructions and directions on the packaging.  Some are recommended for springtime applications and others are meant to combat the weeds after they appear.  The weed preventer you are looking for calls pre-emergent herbicides.  These are typically used in early March.


Once the lawn starts to green up, you should add fertilizer. You need to wait until you have had a couple of mowings really to allow the roots to grow properly.  If you add it too early you could essentially kill off the roots and your grass.  Too early applications can cause runoff as well.  So, give it some time before you jump on the fertilizer wagon.


If you want your lawn to stay looking nice and healthy then you should consider watering as you have through the winter.  As it warms up and gets hotter outside, you may need to increase the watering a bit to keep up with the heat.  Rainfall predicts how much water you actually need.

Start Mowing

Mowing should begin when the grass is tall enough to be cut at a proper height.  Mowing your grass to short can allow the sunlight to reach the ground.  This could cause weed growth, which we clearly don’t want.  It can also dry out the area, leaving you to water more often.

Lawn Care Fallas LandscapeWe hope that you find these tips for what you can do for your lawn in the Spring helpful.  Springtime is a precious time of year where all the lawns start to come back to life again.  Give it some time and don’t try to rush the greening up of your lawn.  This will take time.

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