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The most important factor in trimming plants is to know when you should do it.  Keeping your plants healthy is a concern of all plant owners.  So, researching when the best time to prune is very common.  If you have shrubs and trees in your yard, you probably want to trim them back in April or May.  This may affect the flowering or blooming of the plants, especially if the trim is a big one.  And, this effect could last a couple of years.  However, if it is sometimes necessary for the health and look of the plant. Fallas Landscape shrub trimming

Winter pruning is best for plants that are overgrown as well as late summer flowering shrubs.  If it is a minor pruning and cutting back it should not affect the bloom for that summer.  The blooms are typically only affected if there is a lot of trimming done.  But, no worries, the plant will grow back beautiful and healthy.

You should not trim deciduous shrubs in the late summer. This can spur on growth, which will not have time to harden before the cold winter and it could cause harm to the shrub.  This is the same for evergreens.  Do not trim or prune evergreens in the late summer/early fall as it can open the tree up to possible winter injury.  However, you can trim evergreens in the mid-summer, after their spring growth, but this isn’t the ideal time.

Fruit Tree Trimming

If you have fruit trees, you know how precious they are.  Fruit trees take a bit to get established and once there are bearing fruit, it is important to understand how to properly care for them.  For fruit trees, you should have them trimmed in February to early April.  As long as it is a proper trim it should not affect the flowering or fruiting of the tree.  However, like other trees, if you are taking a bit more than a simple prune, then it may take a couple of years for the fruit to come back.  However, sometimes this is needed for the health of the tree.

Evergreen Trees cutbacks

Evergreens are a faster-growing tree and without proper trimming, they can easily grow out of control.  Evergreens such as pine, spruce should be trimmed in late winter as well.  The lower branches will need to be trimmed off as the tree grows, should you not want branches to the ground.  There are limbs that go bad from time to time and these will need a good trimming as well.  This will keep your tree looking great and staying healthy for years to come.


Tree Trimming Fallas LandscapeBefore you start trimming your tree, be sure you know and understand the proper way to trim a tree.  Pruning is a common thing that homeowners neglect because they don’t fully understand the benefits of it or how to do it properly.  Pruning can bring on more flowers to a flowering bush or more fruit to a fruit tree as it encourages growth.  However, there is a proper way to cut when you are pruning.  The cut should be a 45° cut and not straight across.  You should also take note of where you are cutting and it shouldn’t be more than 1/4″ behind a new bud.  This allows for proper nutrients to get new growth.

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