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Research has shown that a well-landscaped home can bring in as much as 1-10% more Return On Investment (ROI) than those that didn’t take the time to landscape.  That means it could be an extra $2,000 to $20,000 in the bank for a home in Texas that sells for $200,000. That’s huge!  Some homeowners think that this will mean a huge investment, but in fact, there are some things that don’t cost much at all to get this type of return.

Landscaping and curb appeal go hand in hand. 94% of top real estate agents agree that increasing your curb appeal boosts your resale value. However, many people don’t even think about doing some of the things we are about to suggest before putting their home on the market, but why wouldn’t you? Let’s look at the very things that can improve your home’s value and give you a great ROI.

To increase privacy, plant shrubs, trees, and hedges.

Whether your property confronts or backs up to a busy street or a giant picture window in your living room makes your house feel like a fishbowl, landscaping can assist.

Privacy has become one of the most desired qualities in a home, with 60% of high-end home purchasers valuing it above all other features. But, what can you do with your landscaping to improve the privacy of your home?

Some of the best plant choices for producing privacy include hedge plants, evergreen shrubs, and evergreen trees that get denser when pruned. Privacy landscaping can be an especially appealing choice for homeowners in planned communities where adding a fence is not permitted. If road noise is your primary concern, you can look into sound-reducing plants, fencing, and water features to help drown out or block some of the noise.

Add Native Plants

Most purchasers desire the appearance of a lush yard without putting in the effort required to develop one. This is why you should use native plants as much as possible to make your landscape seem wonderful without putting in any work. These types of plants will require less attention and irrigation than non-native options. This will be appealing to the new buyers as the gardens will look fantastic without a lot of effort on their part or yours, for that matter.

Distribute new mulch generously.

The simple chore of keeping your garden beds freshly mulched will yield a 126% return on investment. Planting fresh mulch before placing your property on the market is a good idea. Naturally, colored mulch will make your beds look neater in your garden, and your plants will stand out in contrast.

When freshening up your gardens, you also want to consider blending in with the neighborhood. That means your over-the-top gnome collection or animal topiary should go before listing your property for sale. Avoid adding additional items such as gazebos, and dispose of outdated playground equipment that is in disrepair. The yard should be visually appealing, neat, and uncluttered.

Of course, you can do many other things to improve the look of your lawn and garden, such as hiring professionals at Falla’s Landscaping. We are a team of professionals that can offer some advice on what would work best for our garden and situation.  Call 9172-517-5296 today!

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