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Summer is typically tricky for Texas ornamental and vegetable gardens. It is the time of year that the heat and dryness make it particularly difficult to protect plants from turning brown and crispy. So, how can we keep our gardens going till rain and cooler temps arrive?

Heat and a Lack of Water = Burnt the Plants.

Many plants require assistance to survive during prolonged periods of high temperatures and drought.  This will include your garden, lawn, and hanging plants alike.  You will need to water them and watch for any other issues along the way.

Stress affects processes such as photosynthesis, which is disrupted when the temperatures get into the upper-90s during the day and the mid-70s at night. This stress can be detrimental to the survival of the plant. We simply want to alleviate as much stress as possible by watering and responding to the unique needs of the plants while avoiding creating more stress.

It is recommended that you use drip and low-flow watering, such as spray posts beneath the plant canopy or bubblers. They prevent overspray on foliage, reduce evaporative water loss, and enable targeted treatment to an area or individual plants. They can also be concealed from view.

Mulching also helps to conserve the water that has been applied.  To help hold in the water you can use homemade mulching mixes, straw, 2-3 inches of leaves, straw, or boughten mulch.  This offers a layer of protection that keeps the soil moist.

Also, take a minute to monitor for pests and diseases in both landscapes and vegetable gardens.  Many plants become more prone to infections if they are heat- and drought-stressed.

Everything revolves around timing.

Timing is critical for overhead and spray water treatments. Watering in the morning or evening lowers evaporation losses.  To avoid fungal infections, you should water with enough time for the leaves to dry before the sun goes down.

Regardless of the application method, the best results often occur when we water deeply but less frequently. This promotes more profound root development.

Sprinklers can help save your lawn, but homeowners must be cautious of application timing and length for effective and efficient watering. If you have questions on what would be best for your lawn, you can contact Fallas Landscaping LTD at 972-517-5296 with questions or concerns. We would be happy to discuss your lawn care needs and come up with solutions to help in any manner that we can.


The goal is to help the plants through the heat wave. This can be done with regular watering and watering at the right times. This will ensure that the water is effectively delivered to the plant without evaporating into thin air. When you are watering your plants during a drought, remember to water for longer periods of time.  This will ensure that the water will get to the roots. The heat can quickly dry out the plants, causing stress, so the more help you can give them through this time, the better.

Call 972-517-5296 or visits us at should you have questions or are interested in speaking to someone regarding your lawn and garden needs.  We would be happy to offer assistance and discuss your personalized solution.