During the cold winter months, homeowners can be tempted to move their landscaping duties lower on their list of priorities. It’s easy to get caught up in the growing season and overlook the long winter.

However, planning for winter maintenance during the landscape design phase can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. A well-designed landscape can also allow you to use it rather than just admire it from inside during the winter.

The good news is that it is now easier than ever to transform your yard into one you are proud of. Let’s look at some of our favorite and most practical backyard landscaping projects to try this winter.

Four Simple Landscape Improvements

  1. Install Low-voltage Landscape Lighting: Landscapes often appear a bit bleak in the winter. Low-voltage lighting can add a whole new dimension of beauty to trees, fountains, and even wild animals. Low-voltage lighting is not only safe and easy to install, but it is also energy efficient. If you want to instantly change the dynamic of your outdoor space, you should consider these lighting systems. Additional lighting will increase the security of your outdoor area by deterring intruders from entering well-lit areas. Beyond that, though, low-voltage lighting is secure for loved ones.
  2. Heated Pathways: Installing a heating element on walkways that keeps them at 35 to 40° will clear snow and ice from nearly any surface quickly and efficiently. They are simple to install, have a simple design, and have a single connection, making them a breeze to use. They’re also surprisingly efficient and affordable. Some systems allow you to melt snow on a 300-square-foot area for as little as 50 cents per hour. Adding a heating element to your walkway can help increase the value of your home because it can help extend the life of your landscaping.
  3. Permanent Seating Walls: Permanent seating walls, also known as “seat walls,” are an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space. Materials such as natural stone or manufactured blocks are ideal for use as seat walls. Furthermore, they will help you save money by not having to invest in expensive outdoor furniture that needs to be replaced frequently. Seat walls are an excellent all-weather option that also saves time. This is because you won’t have to worry about keeping your outdoor cushions clean or finding storage solutions when the weather turns bad.
  4. Plan a Landscape Site Assessment: Early autumn is an excellent time to have your home appraised. Your property should be assessed annually, just as we go in for a wellness check once a year. A professional eye might spot opportunities for improvement that you had never considered, like rerouting water runoff in your parking lot or pruning an old tree before the tall branches break off. Not to mention, unlike some less dedicated contractors, they’ll leave with a clear understanding of your landscape rather than just the square footage.

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