Pansies at Fallas LandscapeMany people don’t realize that you should plant your pansies in the Fall.  Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures and if planted in the fall, after the heatwave, they will actually come back in the spring, but typically are roasted out in late June or July.  This means that you can enjoy the pansies for both Fall and Spring.  This fall to spring planting is called overwintering.  Many nurseries are onto this and you should be able to find them in your garden centers as well.

Pansies that we know of came from a wildflower.  They once were only offered in a select few colors and options.  However, now that gardeners have perfected pansies you can find them with all kinds of different looks.  Pansies are known for their “smiling” faces and are quite beautiful. It is said that if you plant them in the fall, you will have larger plants in the spring compared to those that plant their pansies in the spring.  Yes, you can still plant them in the spring.  But why do that when you can have double seasons out of your plants?  They are simple to grow and will last quite a long time if planted correctly.

Plant properly.

Fallas Landscape Fall PansiesIf you plan to plant your pansies in the fall be sure that you plant them where they have the shade during the time when the trees still have their leaves and they will be in the sun when the trees lose the leaves. This ideal location keeps them cool but not too cold as the days go on.  If you live in a region that gets really cold, you might want to protect them by putting down a layer of mulch.

Pansies love the sun but they really do not like the heat.  These lovely flowers are perfect for Texas as there aren’t super harsh winters that can cause them to completely freeze and die.  However, as soon as the Texas summer arrives, they are out and done for the season.  Pansies need well-drained soil as they don’t do well with too much moisture, another good aspect of Texas.  However, if you tend to water your lawn and gardens a lot, then you need to ensure that there is good drainage.

Beautiful flowers

Fallas PansyPansies are great for potted gardens as well.  They typically will survive the winters in Texas with no issues in a pot without a lot of care.  However, you do need to move them inside should it get below 20 degrees or so.  If you didn’t save them in time they will appear as if they have been boiled.  But, no worries! As soon as the temperatures come back to the 30s they will spring right back as nothing happened.  They are very durable little plants which makes them ideal for those that have a hard time growing flowers.

The flowers on pansies stand out from the foliage and demand attention.  If you are looking to have a garden full of color and beautiful flowers then you should look at planting fall pansies.