Fallas Landscape PergolaPergolas seem to have this Mediterranean feel to them.  They are stand-alone structures that offer a bit of a break from the glaring sun.  However, some do question just how much of a break.  Pergolas come in all kinds of shapes, designs, and sizes.  Sometimes pergolas are confused with arbors, which are not the same.  Arbors are usually smaller in structure than a pergola.  When selecting a pergola be sure that you are thinking about what you plan to use it for.  These are usually used to define an area of space.  So, if you have the area planned out, take a minute and ensure you are building the pergola big enough to house what furniture you plan to use.  Some reasons for choosing to have a pergola:

1-For their beauty

They are beautiful.  Many people will visit the Mediterranean area and come back wanting a pergola as they simply fell in love with them.  They tend to be very architectural and sculptural by design.  There are all kinds of different ways you can design one up.  Gardeners love pergolas because they provide a beautiful way to display their various plants.

2-Lending plants a hand

Not only are they beautiful they do actually function as well.  Climbing vines and plants love to use them as they climb up toward the sun.  This allows you to have an added shade benefit. These plants can fully engulf pergola overtime. Be sure that you look for the various plants that you might like.  There are several species such as wisteria, grapevines, clematis, honeysuckle, climbing roses, trumpet vine, and more.

3-Space definition

They define the space in a way that is open and airy.  This means that you can enjoy the space, however, it doesn’t have a cramped feeling.  The ground of the pergola is typically covered with some sort of outdoor flooring.  That flooring could be decking or concrete.  Even brick patios are beautiful under a pergola.


Pergolas provide shade.  While some wonder how much, it is fully dependent on what size and the spacing of the beams.  Although you won’t get full shade, you will have some protection.  Some people, when they want more shade, will lay a piece of fabric over the top of the beams.  This too can create a wonderful new look to your pergola as well.

5-Pergolas are affordable.

Fallas Landscape Image PergolaBecause they are a simple structure, they are affordable but yet still create a great outdoor space.  Pergolas have an impact on what your backyard looks like without that same impact on your wallet.  Adding some climbing plants isn’t costly but certainly will make a statement in your backyard.

Pergolas are available in wood as well as vinyl.  If you live in an area that has insect issues and moisture problems, then you may want to go with the vinyl option.  They make the vinyl option look as if it is actually wood in some cases.  The look of your pergola is literally up to your imagination.  There are all kinds of various ways to design a pergola.  If you don’t have any ideas, take to the internet and start exploring!

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