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Waterfalls, koi ponds, fountains, and birdbaths are all popular features. All of these characteristics are associated with peaceful, ideal settings.

Homeowners add a water feature for their own personal enjoyment, not necessarily raising their home’s value in most cases.

Water feature ideas must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional in relation to the rest of your garden design. They don’t have to be complicated, and sometimes the most straightforward ideas have the most significant impact. Let’s take a look at some water feature options you should consider when looking to improve your home’s landscaping.

Is it the sound of water moving? A body of motionless water reflecting the sky and bouncing light around the garden? Perhaps a secret inky blue pool tucked away in a shadowy nook? Everyone is different, and there are so many different water feature options to look at.

Raised Garden Pond

One of the primary functions of water feature ideas in a backyard, whether large or small, is to create a focal point. Raised garden ponds, such as the one shown above, are frequently placed in the center of a courtyard or at the end of a path to draw the eye.

In either case, it can serve as the beginning point for the rest of your garden design.

Water Rills Create a Relaxing Feeling

Rills are shallow channels that gently transport water from one location to another. They can provide a fantastic blend of sound and movement to a place, enriching the garden’s contemplative and tranquil ambiance.

Rills are one of several sensory garden ideas that can add music and movement to an outdoor setting. Water, hardscape, and plants are a great combination when opting for this style. These work great in small and large gardens alike.

Hard Landscaped Garden

Formal pools appear best when they are next to a house. Consider the pool’s position carefully, particularly with respect to how much sun it may receive or where leaves may fall directly into it and views to and across it. Consider how it can be positioned to provide magnificent reflections of nearby vegetation or the sky on its surface.

Use a Garden Fountain to Add Sound and Movement.

Garden fountains are dynamic water feature designs that add both sound and visual impact to a garden. They come in various styles, from a moderate trickle to a more dramatic, rushing flow. The sound of water adds a lot to the ambiance it produces. Pump and filtration calculations for larger or more sophisticated garden fountains may necessitate the expertise of a water engineer. However, Fallas Landscaping LTD has you covered. Our water engineer can assist with building a water feature you will be proud of.

Fountains function well in ponds.  But the pond should be at least twice as broad as the height of the water jet.  This will avoid water waste or getting nearby surfaces wet.

Self-contained fountains, on the other hand, require little or no excavation.

Whatever the water feature you are interested in, we are certain we can help. We have installed various water features for our clients, with each being slightly different from the next. Call 972-517-5296 today to get started!