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Many people believe that the winter is the off-season for their gardens.  However, it is the cold season here in Texas, but typically that doesn’t mean freezing temperatures.  Many of our gardens look rather bleak in the wintertime.  However, there are ways to add a splash of color.  Dress up your beds and borders with the plants that thrive well in the chilly cooler air.  Evergreen perennials and shrubs are also something that you could look into to add a little green to the yard.  Let’s take a look at how to add a splash of color to your garden this winter.


Camellias Fallas Lanscape designCamellias are a beautiful and fragrant flowering plant with glossy green leaves and are very tolerant to the winters in Texas.  These come in a few different colors, such as red, pink, and white.

Winter Daphne

Fallas landscape Winter DaphneWinter Daphne has red or pink flowers and can have yellow or cream if you get the Marginata variety.  These shrubs have green leaves and will perform year-round.  However, you will need to have a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant to ensure that it doesn’t dry out during the hotter months.


Black Bamboo

Black bamboo is a beautiful way to create a screen or block out the view of a fence with a verticle plant. This plant is like all other bamboos, and that it grows rather quickly.  It will grow nice and tall and cover the area with a nice green backdrop year-round.  In the winter, the stalks turn dark, hence the name.

Lenten Rose

This hardy evergreen perennial is native to Greece but grows very well here in Texas.  It produces flowers that are pale green, white, and rose.  These plants thrive in the morning sun, where the location will shade throughout the day.

Possumhaw Holly

Fallas Landscape Possumhaw HollyLike many trees and bushes, the Possumhaw Holly loses its leaves in the fall every year.  However, eventually, its brightly colored berries show their face.  These trees can grow up to 10 feet and be loaded with yellow, red, and orange berries.  There are male and female versions of the Possumhaw Holly. You will want to get the female one if you want to have these beautiful berries.

Winter Honeysuckle

The Winter Honeysuckle will go dormant most of the year but will come alive with fragrant flowers around the holidays, perfect timing!  You will want to plant them close to your home so that you can have that aroma linger in the house.  It is very festive.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

These work well in the garden or patio containers. The Ornamental Cabbage and Kale are perfect for adding a splash of color to the yard.  They appear like giant roses with large petals that swirl around the center in purple or blue-green colors.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet AlyssumThese honey-smelling flowers make a perfect ground cover that will fill up the landscaping in no time.  They are usually white, so they don’t add many colors, but they do look great amount the others.

There are also pansies and snapdragons that you can use in the winter.  Mix and match these to get a wonderful, colorful garden today.

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