Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space with these Tips

Tips to Winterize your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space in winter

After the summer solstice, the days in the north Texas area start getting shorter. Something in the air changes. Temperatures can still reach scorching highs, but now they have a deadline. You will notice more leaves on the lawn, and you may not be hanging out as late in your outdoor living space.

If you’re not the type to be scared away by colder temperatures, then there are plenty of ways to make your outdoor living space usable in the winter. Combat cabin fever and enjoy the crisp, fresh air by winterizing your space with these tips from Fallas Landscape.


Before the real chills set in, the days become shorter. To extend your evenings in your outdoor living space, try some light fixtures. Use lighting to line paths and illuminate social areas. Hang lights around your outdoor kitchen, or even set up some torches. With all those leaves starting to pile up, you’ll have good starting material for a fire in your firepit or chiminea. Whatever you decide, use lighting to make your spaces appear warmer and more inviting.


Depending on the style of your outdoor living space, heating may be difficult. Fire pits are, of course, very useful for warming the toes of you and your guests. They also give you the opportunity to enjoy some s’mores, and what’s more warming than enjoying a chewy, melty s’mores in the company of good friends? But fire pits aren’t the only option. Outdoor rugs can block drafts and airflow from between deck boards, and keep thick blankets around lets you and your guests huddle up underneath for extra warmth.


You’ll likely have to move your plants inside for the season, but if you want to replace the greenery outside, you can pot some evergreens and ivy. These may not provide the bright pop of your springtime plants, but they’ll help liven the space up and give the outdoor living space a more inviting appeal.

Take Precautions

This one might be a no-brainer, but the cold winter is going to pose issues for your water features and potentially your furniture. Cover your water features and let them lie dormant for the season. You will want to make sure your furniture can withstand whatever the colder seasons may bring, too, which may mean investing in covers or just moving your furniture inside. You may be roasting marshmallows in camping chairs, but you will still be able to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Protect your Outdoor Living Space with Fallas Landscape

Fallas Landscape has been helping the North Texas area realize its landscape design dreams for over 20 years, so they have the experience and knowledge to help you get the most out of your outdoor living space year round. For help with lighting, heating, or advice on keeping your water features safe through a freeze, give Fallas Landscape a call.

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Landscape Design: What Water Feature is Right for You?

Picking the Right Water Feature: Landscape Design Advice

landscape design water feature Water features such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are lovely additions to any landscape design. They give the outdoor living space an even greater natural feel, especially if they’re integrated well with the flora around them. Ponds dotted with lily pads or unique pot fountains are not only aesthetically-pleasing – they are functional as well, providing necessary nourishment to your plants. But there are so many options when it comes to water features, which should you choose? Today, Fallas Landscape looks at some common water features used in landscape design and discusses how they might be the best fit for your outdoor living area.


Fountains themselves vary widely. They can be small, garden fountains, tucked away and providing a gentle gurgle which gives the outdoor living space a sense of calm. Small fountains can also be placed on tabletops or decks to increase the appeal of these functional spaces. Depending on your style, you can always find a fountain to match. Geometric fountains with straighter edges and defined corners give a more modern look to an outdoor space whereas curvaceous features incorporate the fluid lines that nature provides in a more integrated look.


As part of a landscape design, ponds tend to take up more space than a fountain, although this is not always the case. When it comes to ponds, you can choose whether you want it to support fish, which will require a few more steps to ensure that the space is habitable, or you can have a decorative pond. Reflecting pools, for instance, are typically calm and intended to provide a sense of serenity to a space. Water gardens are more integrated into the natural space around them, harboring aquatic plants and plants that love moisture-rich soil along their banks.


Waterfalls are a great landscape design choice for anyone seeking the perpetual sound of water. These are typically louder than small garden fountains, so they’re good for anyone who wants to kick back, close their eyes, and transport to a relaxing natural oasis. Because waterfalls need a bit of height to function, they add a greater sense of dimension to the outdoor living space, which is especially useful in a small yard.

Creative Landscape Design with Fallas Landscapes

With Fallas Landscapes, limitations are few. Combining water features allows you to really increase the appeal of your outdoor living space. A waterfall that cascades into a fish pond, for instance, gives your space a real sense of movement and vitality. Streams can be used to weave along walkways, and they present fun opportunities for small bridges. Whatever your desire, chances are that Fallas Landscapes can dream up a landscape design with water features to suit you. With over 20 years of experience in the business, Fallas is a name you can trust.

Perks of an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen: Benefits

outdoor kitchen on stonework patio


If you’re thinking about a full landscape design for your home, there are many amenities to choose from. Some people prefer the in-ground pool and spa, while others go for stonework or elaborate arrangements of greenery. Of course, some go all out, too. But whether you’re looking to turn your yard into a leisurely oasis or just looking to add a bit of appeal, an outdoor kitchen provides a lot of use and value that some homeowners may overlook.

Today, Fallas Landscape looks at some of the perks of an expertly-made outdoor kitchen.

The Obvious

The first perk to the outdoor kitchen is the most obvious–it’s perfect for summer evening cookouts. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or just seeking some respite from the workweek with your family, a kitchen gives everyone an optimal space to relax in the open air. It’s already known that the kitchen is the most social space in the home, so bring the socializing outside with an outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor kitchens have a lot of appeal. When done right, they can add significant value to your home, yielding a greater return on your investment should you ever decide to sell. You can maximize on this by investing in outdoor materials that will hold up the best to the elements. This means you’ll want outdoor kitchenware made from stainless steel and countertop work surfaces made of stone, granite, or concrete.


Depending on how frequently you use your outdoor kitchen, you can save yourself some cash on utilities in the home. Because you’ll be cooking outside, you’re spared from working in a kitchen that becomes overly hot from an oven and red-hot stovetops. You’ll also have the added perk of avoiding the smells that can accumulate in the home from night after night of cooked meals. No more coming home to a kitchen that still smells of grease two days later–the outdoor kitchen is its own ventilation system.

Alongside saving a little on utilities in the home, the outdoor kitchen provides a sense of being “away” that you may otherwise seek in a pricey restaurant. There are many benefits here. First, you’ll typically save a little money by preparing and cooking meals yourself. But, second, you’ll also likely save your body from the added calories from oils and sauces that restaurants often use. By remaining in control of your cooking more often, you might start feeling a bit healthier overall.

Outdoor Kitchens with Fallas Landscape

Fallas Landscape works with you to find the right landscape design to suit the style of your home. If you’re looking for a great way to maximize your summer fun, imagine having your own outdoor kitchen. Call Fallas Landscape at (972)517-5296 to start planning today.

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Landscape Design for Small Yards

Small Yard Landscape Design Ideas

small yard with landscape design

Some people lament their small yards, wishing they had a larger space for hosting summer evening parties or for relaxing after the workday. While it’s true that small yards offer less space for grand features such as a pool or an outdoor kitchen, they can become beautiful, relaxing, outdoor living spaces with the help of someone with a skilled eye for landscape design.

There are some basic principles to apply when creating a landscape design for a small yard. Today, the team at Fallas Landscape offers some advice on how to make the most out of small yard landscape design.

Look up!

Adding greater verticality to your small yard is one of the first considerations for good landscape design. The basic idea here is that by adding a sense of height to your space, you can make it seem larger without cluttering it. You can do this by adding tall grasses or a pergola. Using tiered or stair-stepped planters can help, too, by adding the appearance of depth and height while also giving you room for decorative or vegetable plants.

Function Over Form

Another good consideration for making your small yard feel less cramped is to make it as usable and functional of a space as you can. This means using a large table and nice chairs to demonstrate that the space is usable for dinners and parties. Chairs surrounding a firepit or chiminea work in much the same way. The more function you’re able to instill in your outdoor living area, the less you’ll have to be concerned about its diminutive size.

Keep it Tidy

One of the fastest ways to shrink your already-small yard is to let it become cluttered. The kids may have a habit of not putting away their toys, or maybe you’ve left out a trowel and some pots from working in the garden. Whatever the case, try to make sure that you tidy up your outdoor living space as much as you can. While this isn’t necessarily a tip for landscape design, it does help you get the most out of whatever landscape design you’ve chosen for your small yard.

Splurge a Little

Because you’re dealing with a small space, you can use a comparable budget as you might set aside for a larger yard, but simply purchase nicer materials. Again, adding function and appeal to your small space will take some attention away from its size. From a landscape design standpoint, putting a little extra cash to afford nicer stone or wood can make the compromise for a small yard completely worth the trade.

Landscape Design from Fallas Landscape

Fallas Landscape has been servicing the landscape design needs for the north Texas area for over 20 years. The Fallas team is certified and licensed, so they have the experience and skill to bring your design to life. For more information, you can reach Fallas Landscape at (972)517-5296

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Fence Installation Advice: What Type of Fence is Right for Me?

Fence Installation Tips

Deciding on a Fence Before Fence Installation

There are many reasons why someone might want a fence in their yard. Once you’ve decided to build a fence, the next question you have to ask yourself is what kind of fence you should get. Each type of fence offers different benefits, and it comes down to what you need out of your fence and your personal taste. Fence installation is a big undertaking, so make sure you consider all your options carefully.

Do You Need a Fence?

The first question you should ask yourself before fence installation is, do I need a fence? The two most common reasons to build a fence are for privacy and security. Consider if you need the privacy of a fence, or if your neighbors are far enough away or spaced out enough that strategically placed privacy hedges would do. If your kids are old enough to not wander off, you may not need it for security purposes. If you have a pet, an electric fence might be sufficient. Once you’ve determined that a fence is the way to go for your needs, then you can move on to what material you want to use.


The most common choice for fence material is wood. Wood offers privacy and is affordable compared to some other options. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, and can easily blend with the natural tones of the rest of your yard. Also, wood lasts a very long time. Different woods require different levels of maintenance, so keep this in mind when making your fence installation plans.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a common option for homeowners who want to fence in areas of their yard but want it to be ornate at the same time. Wrought iron gives a unique and beautiful flourish to the design of your home and yard. Wrought iron isn’t especially practical for security and privacy purposes, but it is extremely compelling and aesthetically pleasing. You should also keep in mind the fact that wrought iron is the most expensive option as well as one of the hardest to maintain.


Similar to the wood option, bamboo is perfect for matching the natural tones and palettes of your landscape design. Bamboo is great for privacy as well. One of the most common reasons people choose bamboo fence installation is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that bamboo does grow extremely fast and needs upkeep to prevent it from becoming invasive.

Contact the Fence Installation Experts

Fallas Landscape specializes in more than just landscape design and maintenance, we also provide fence installation services. We can help you choose the fence material that best meets your needs and design it to fit with the flow of your yard. Contact us today for a free fence installation quote.